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1972 - 2022

A thread of magic

Encounter between nature and senses; from here Malo is born. It all began in Portofino in 1972 in the lively and colorful square that populates at sunset.

That summer breeze coming from the mountains that makes a cashmere sweater a precious ally. Malo borns in this way, from the awakening of senses, the perfect harmony between man, nature and elegance.

Cashmere Effect

Tradition and Innovation

In 1972 cashmere came from UK, with grey, beige and other classic colors. 
Malo was the first to perceive that the market was ready for a novelty.
Initially, it was the color; sweaters began to dye in a thousand shades.
Afterwards, it began the study of shapes and technology.
Still today, the 33 gauge sweater remains of the most loved inventions.
A really thin weave, woven by very subtle needles.

A Malo garment is made to be worn, lived and handed down through the generations.

From the extra careful checking of raw materials in terms of colors, thickness and performance, to the most complex processings created by the skillful hands of Italian artisans, to the linking, to the ironing. In 50 years of history, in Malo quality passes everywhere.
Then as now, manuality and craftsmanship are fundamental in order to create small, timeless masterpieces, cases where you can put your most beautiful moments.

The ancient looms, pride and flagship for Malo, still used today to create magic.

Cashmere belongs to the family, it becomes unexplainable how some things overcome unscathed the passing of time and resist through the comebacks of fashion. A cashmere sweater is the perfect example; its resistance is incredible, despite its softness.
With the V neck, as your grandfather's one, that is actually yours. And, if you treat it with care, it will be your son's. Every generation is a cashmere generation, and we belong to it as a beautiful memory. A precious heritage.

Harmony dictates the laws of the universe.
The pleasure of harmony is to enjoy art, places, memories, beautiful things.
The harmony of pleasure is elegance.
Malo moves with softness, passion, lightness, warmth.
And it has been telling many stories of harmony for 50 years.



Absolute lightness



Scented memories