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Florence. City of architecture and greenery. Of roofs and meadows. Of art and crafts.
Malo is a Florentine company, modern but very close to tradition.
By a thin thread of cashmere.

Interweaving art tells stories, synergies between method, dexterity and intellect where the roots placed by the powerful past have gently wrapped around the present.
Portraits that investigate timeless beauty and its immortality.

Cashmere Portrait n.1

Books, to be read and written. Images, to be photographed and to be shown.
With a common denominator: genuineness. A gift learned from the earth.
The Marchi brothers are the first protagonists of our cashmere portraits.

The Marchi brothers wear Malo (archive picture from 2001). Ginevra collaborates for the maternal publishing house.
Giovanni alternates many activities: photographer, farmer and art gallery owner. His is the smallest gallery in the world: it can only host one work of art. But his true passion is the plow, true art of the Renaissance.

Giovanni and Ginevra have been able to combine tradition and innovation.
They are people without borders. The parents had broken the rules imposed by the Renaissance aesthetic, reconstructing in a superbly modern manner the entire family building with asymmetrical white spaces, and with huge windows open on the Florentine views.
Together they founded a publishing house dedicated to the printing of art books.

Ginevra runs the publishing business with passion. She avidly reads books on history and literature. In turn she writes.

Giovanni alternates being a photographer with the work of peasant and art gallery owner. He detected a microscopic construction at the intersection of two streets, right in front of where the family lives. It looked like a shrine, instead it was a shoemaker’s closet.
There, Giovanni exhibited a contemporary work of art at time. The world’s smallest gallery.