Our Care Guide Tips

The tenacious caress, a gentle and bated hug,
a perfect relationship between beauty and function.

Matter that satisfies all the senses,
it's the ultimate lightness, softness by definition,
warmth of its very nature.

Our experts have combined decades of their knowledge
to share with you how best to care for wash,
clean and store your cashmere.

Love and care

Cashmere is a noble, luxurious material
that requires special care.
All of our cashmere garments are made
by talented craftspeople of Made in Italy.
If properly cared for, your Malo knit
will stand the test of time,
only becoming softer and more luxurious with age.   

Autumn - Winter / Cashmere Care FAQ

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At what temperature is it advisable to wash a cashmere sweater?

Wash the garment alone by hand in cold water (max 30°), add a small amount of mild soap without rubbing.

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Is hand washing preferable to machine washing?

Yes, because precious yarn undergoes less stress when washed by hand. This is because the mechanical movements of the washing machine may cause the fibers to twist thus causing their deformation.

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What precautions do we need to take when ironing a cashmere sweater?

Lightly iron the sweater on the reverse side without adding pressure. A low temperature setting such as wool/cashmere is ideal.

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Is it possible to dry a cashmere sweater in the sun or are we likely to ruin it?

It's always best to avoid direct sunlight: it can fade the color of your garment and can cause its fibers to stretch. The best way to dry out your sweater is to lay it down flat on a towel leaving it to dry at room temperature. It should be placed away from direct light as well as from heat vents.

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Can bio detergents help to preserve cashmere?

In general, you should use products that are specifically for cashmere and wool. Bio detergents, which are less aggressive, can be of help not only to the garment itself, but also to the environment.

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Can a cashmere sweater be hung up or is it always better to fold it?

Never hang up a cashmere garment especially if it is heavy as this will cause it to distort the shape. Store the garment on a flat surface.

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It is advisable not to wear your cashmere garment two days in a row.

Ideally the precious natural fibers should be left to rest after a day of "work" thus allowing the product to resume its natural shape.

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What pilling is?

Cashmere is a natural living material that always contains excess material, leading to the formation of bobbles. A simple remedy to avoid pilling: wash your cashmere regularly to nourish the fibers. Mongolians say that “cashmere loves water: the more you wash it, the more beautiful it becomes.” Bobbles are not a sign of inferior quality; they are a natural phenomenon caused by rubbing.

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If my cashmere sweater is snagged can I fix it?

It depends on the fineness of the garment and the type of snag. Malo offers to its clients several handcrafted repair services for brand items of all ages, whether they are made of wool, cashmere or any other natural fibre. If well kept, high quality knitwear can last for decades, and our professional regeneration service is part of the caring process. The most precious items are made to last, they are part of one’s life, as any other element of the memory. In the Malo laboratories we take care of every detail: each garment will be carefully examined, repaired where required, washed using only very mild soaps that will make the fibres even more touch-sensitive.

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