1972; Refinement and Elegance

A tribute to a timeless story that, since 50 years,
makes us believe in the authenticity of the little things well made
and in the Italian craftsmanship of the past. 



In 1972, Malo was born. A brand that makes suffused luxury a statement.
Timeless elegance that goes from tradition to the boundaries of excellence. Pleasure of delicacy, softness of touch.

1972 is the capsule dedicated to these 50 years of delicacy.


Light and colorful foulard in pure silk.
New and refined foulard in cotton.
Fineness 18 to caress and protect.
Truly precious cloths proposed in the 70x70 size,
which opens the door to multiple ways to be worn:
to express with elegance our own uniqueness.

The pattern is delicate and timeless,
intertwined words studied with care
by a master calligrapher.
The edges, entirely finished by hand.

A caress on the skin for the spring season.


A must have since the 50s, nowadays the foulard represents a personal choice of style
 that embellishes an outfit while transmitting our own identity.
Moreover, it is a charming protection from sun and saltiness for the hair
and a perfect escamotage to solve small problems of tufts that fall out of place.
A touch of class to distinguish only thanks to our elegance.

Montecarlo Knot

Like a Modern Grace Kelly, surrounded by an allure of Prestige and Magic.

Portofino Knot

Protect yourself from the sea breeze with class, among the colors of Portofino.

Venezia Knot

A precious way to store
 memories of a unique love.

The perfect ensemble