Some items and sizes are sold out because our commitment is a sustainable production. Produce less but better, for the planet and for the exclusivity of limited edition garments.

Malo Masterpiece:
three days of charm and tradition

Three days: the time needed to realize entirely by hand
the sweater from the Fall/Winter 22-23 "Authentic Charme" collection.

Three days in which skilled workers
Knit the fine cashmere to create
a small masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship.



Take your time, calmly and gently. In a world where everyday life is frenzy, slowness is a precious value, necessary to do things with love and attention. Controlled gestures and extended times become the essential nuances for a harmonious, rigorous masterpiece.

A small, soft masterpiece that can adapt itself to color combinations and various shapes and figures. To enhance your own uniqueness and reflect the innate charm.


An iconic garment. An ancient technique,
handed down from generation to generation.
The crater neck is an elegant meeting point between the classic crewneck and the half neck,
whose shape recalls the craters on volcanic surfaces.

The shrimp stitch embellishes the top.
The name of this stitch comes from the manual technique that is used to make it: from left to right, instead of the opposite.
This creates a delicate play of low relief, for a contemporary twist that blends gently with the most classic concept of elegance.