Cashmere light: soft and very fine, is like a caress on the skin.
It is Malo spearhead. A yarn made light by the processing of cashmere yarn,
produced on historical looms.

We call these garment "seasonless" because they keep us fresh when it’s hot outside and warm when temperatures decrease.

Warm in winter, cool in summer

Cashmere is a noble fiber that acts as a thermal insulator, naturally capable of thermo-regulating the body, protecting it from both low and high temperatures.

It's a natural yarn, it allows the skin to breathe and keep cool.

To make our magic, it takes a lot of technique

Light cashmere is worked on 33 gg (gauge) looms. The term gauge (gg) is used when talking about knitted garments. The term refers to the number of dots per inch. The higher the number of gg, the thinner the sweater will be. The 33 gg frame therefore performs extremely thin processing for a high quality result. To perform this process, a great working experience is required. 

The yarn used by Malo is an extra fine 2/48000 cashmere. The name 2/48000 is due to the construction of the yarn: to make 1 kg of cashmere yarn 2/48000 you need 48000 meters (48km) long yarns twisted together. This gives the measure of how thin the yarn used is, that is 96km of yarn per 1 kg of cashmere

Our cashmere-silk: our must have

The good season wouldn’t be the same without Malo’s iconic cashmere-silk.

In particular, cashmere-silk is a blend with exceptional characteristics. In fact, when silk, the most precious fiber in nature, meets cashmere, the best of fine wools, a refined yarn of a unique and inimitable quality is born. The result: an unrivaled feeling of softness and comfort.

The result: an incomparable feeling of softness and comfort.

Summer Cashmere: how to

Even at the beach you don’t have to give up the pleasure of wearing cashmere.

A sweater over the swimsuit during the beach aperitif or at sunset. Light and delicate garments,
for caresses on the skin.
From the Côte d'Azur to the shores of Capri, cashmere remains the best daily’s ally.

Choosing light cashmere means choosing a garment created to last a lifetime.


Malo, a Timeless Story