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Our Care Guide Tips

Cashmere, but not only
Malo is also silk, Makò cotton, fresh precious linen.
Magical blend and light cashmere.

Precious details that do not follow fashion trends but style.

Our experts have combined decades of their knowledge
to share with you how best to care for wash,
clean and store the spring/summer fibers.

Love and care

Our fibers are noble and luxurious,
they requires a special care.

All of our garments are made
by talented craftspeople of Made in Italy.

If properly cared for, your Malo knit
will stand the test of time,
only becoming softer and more luxurious with age. 

Spring - Summer / Cashmere Care FAQ

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I split wine on my silk dress. How can I remove the stain without ruining my dress?

In this case, the old wives' tale is particularly useful: you need to dab the stain with water and white vinegar.
If it's a big stain, completely soak the stain.
After this, thoroughly rinse the garment in cold water in order to avoid the formation of an ugly mark.

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Linen is one of the most resistant natural fabrics. What is the best way to wash it?

It can be either dry cleaned or washed in water.
When dry cleaned the texture is crisp, whereas when washed in water you have a softer texture.

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Is it true that is preferable not to expose silk to direct sunlight and that it should be stored in a well aired room?

Yes of course: as with cashmere, silk can also be damaged if placed in direct sunlight. Light causes the fabric to fade and yellow. So it is best to dry your silk garment away from direct light.

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I have heard that you should dry clean a silk garment. Why is this?

Dry cleaning is less aggressive on colors: we prefer to dry clean silk garments.

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At what temperature should I wash linen?

We recommend washing linen in lukewarm water, max 30°.

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Does linen deform?

Linen does not have much elasticity: that is why it tends to deform. Taking care of your linen and ironing it properly will easily restore it to its initial shape.

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Linen and silk: which one is the best, hand or machine wash?

We recommend washing silk and linen garments by hand: as with cashmere, washing by hand is definitely less aggressive as the fibers are not affected by the continuous movements of the washing machine.

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What is Malo Forever?

Malo offers to its clients several handcrafted repair services for brand items of all ages, whether they are made of silk, linen or any other natural fibre. 

Discover more about Malo Forever