Portofino, scenery of cinema and destination of writers

Synonym for elegance and sweet life, Portofino is a seaside village built around a bay, with tall and colorful houses leaning against the marina and the famous square. The sea reflects the colorful colors of the houses, the blue of the sky and the vegetation that houses luxurious boats.

This beautiful seaside resort, immersed in an ancient atmosphere, made of maritime traditions has been and is still loved by artists, famous people and writers who over time have praised it.



There are many places of naturalistic and cultural interest, starting from the Church of San Giorgio, and the Brown Castle, a fortress surrounded by a beautiful hanging garden, characterized by walls with bas-reliefs in marble and slate.

Among parks surrounded by greenery, the romantic lighthouse from which you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the bay, characteristic churches and art in plein air: Portofino offers varied views and falls in love for its exclusive charm. Not to mention the big names with the luxurious boutiques and artisan workshops that can be found walking through the village.



Lastly, by renting a small boat or walking through the paths of Mount Portofino you reach the most magical place: the Benedictine Abbey of San fruttuoso. Here you find yourself immersed in peace and tranquility with the sounds of seagulls and the movement of the waves.


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