Produce less but better. Some items and sizes are sold out because our commitment is a sustainable production. Produce less but better, for the planet and to wear the exclusivity of limited edition garments.

Summer Must-Have

Accessories created to become companions of summer adventures. Bags to hold secrets, to enhance every look,
to honour the Italian craftsmanshipthat is hidden in every detail.

Shopper Mania

The shopping bag is a real must-have of the summer season. Comfortable and versatile, perfect ally for a day trip
or for everyday life. 

To be carried by hand or on the shoulder for absolute comfort. Lightweight and easy to handle. The study of details make it classic and refined.

Two different versions, united by the Made in Italy refinement and the timeless delicacy of craftsmanship.
Raffia plays with contrasting leather for an effect of relaxed elegance, the canvas discreetly guides the carefree days of summer with the refinement of ton-sur-ton.

New Velvet, new icon

The historic "Velvet", pride and icon for Malo.
A unique bag, always been synonymous with craftsmanship and elegance, whose name derives from the iconic velvet handle, woven strictly by hand, then as today.

The New Velvet leather and the New Velvet tricot are the new icons of timeless refinement Made in Malo.

 The New Velvet in leather is an emblem of preciousness. To wear and cherish for a lifetime.

The leather, extremely soft and at the same time resistant, comes from European farms and is treated with a special ecological tanning free of heavy metals. The details are metal free.

 The New Velvet tricot is made with 100% cotton webbing woven by Malo’s expert knitters.
The bright colors make them vibrant and lively.