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Timeless Style

A Malo garment is created to be worn,
lived and passed down through generations.
Precious cashmere, authentic materials, they bring with them stories, traditions and inspirations. An essential garment that accompanies every moment of life.

Each creation is marked by slow steps, the work of skilled workers are intertwined technology and ancient wooden frames, the only ones able to generate braids, jacquard,  Aran and inlays, soft knots made in complete harmony with the finest materials. The attention to detail aims to perfection, certain seams, certain stitching and workmanship can only be made by capable hands, every gesture is important, meticulous.

Each Malo garment is created to last over time:
a sweater with a perfect fit, a warm and enveloping scarf, something given away, handed down, worn several times, everyone has a special garment able
to bring back memories, dreams and to awaken emotions.

"Fluid shapes, pure lines, discreet elegance in the details
that accompanies every moment of our life."