La nuova boutique al Petrovsky Passage di Mosca

Ouverture de la nouvelle boutique à Petrovsky Passage, au cœur de Moscou

The unstoppable relaunch of Malo, the historic Florentine brand specialising in cashmere knitwear, continues with success, developed by the three new Italian’s owners: Walter Maiocchi, President, Luigino Belloni, Sales Manager and Bastian Mario Stangoni, Product Manager.

 Among the results of this ambitious program, the opening of the new flagship boutique at the Petrovsky Passage in Moscow, in the luxury department store of Bosco dei Ciliegi Group. The prestigious inside of the boutique makes visiting the store like a real costumer experience. Each detail reflects fully the brand concept: clear lines, simplicity and elegance.


“With the opening of the flagship boutique at Petrovsky Passage in Moscow, the re-launch program of our company planned for this first year continues. The position and the significance of the location fits us into the Top Brands of the Russian market. The boutique is spread over a very large area, in order to best exhibit the Malo collections. Petrovsky Passage is a very exclusive place for shopping and we are honoured to be able to offer an important service to our loyal Russian costumers. Now, after the opening of the New York showroom and the Malo’s boutique in Moscow, we can think about next steps,” says Walter Maiocchi, Malo’s President.


The goal - continues Maiocchi - is to implement export, focusing above all on Japan,Korea,China, but also on the United States, Canada and Germany, where the brand’s distinctive traits - Made in Italy and craftsmanship- are increasingly appreciated”.


The company that aims to close 2019 with a turnover between 15 and 19 million euros and to activate the online store in December 2019, also aims to enhance role of the workers within the production facilities of Campi Bisenzio (Florence) and Borgonovo Val Tidone (Piacenza). In fact, the 110 people who make up the company will be joined by others capable of bringing new vitality to the brand sustaining constantly growing production rates. But there are not only economic objectives: the company has also put in place the construction of a school that can transmit to the new generations the wise and increasingly rare craft of weaving.


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