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Malo Forever

A Malo's item is made to last: it leaves the Florentine laboratories perfectly made in every single detail, thereafter the story of its new owner will make it unique. A comfortable jumper, a warm wrapping scarf, a gift, something handed down, worn over and over, everyone owns that special garment able to bring memories back to mind or awake forgotten emotions. Malo offers to its clients several handcrafted repair services for brand items of all ages, whether they are made of wool, cashmere or any other natural fibre. If well kept, high quality knitwear can last for decades, and our professional regeneration service is part of the caring process. The most precious items are made to last, they are part of one’s life, as any other element of the memory. In the Malo laboratories we take care of every detail: each garment will be carefully examined, repaired where required, washed using only very mild soaps that will make the fibres even more touch-sensitive. After the washing, the garment will be “shaved" in order to remove any "piling" due to use over the years. In this phase the garment will be delicately combed by hands in its entirety. Each garment is refurbished by Malo expert artisans and ready for a new life.

How to

It is possible to use this service by bringing the garment you wish to regenerate to one of the Malo boutiques. Our staff will be glad to take it, from delivery at the store all the way back in to your hands.