Boutique Malo a Kiev: il lusso italiano delle maglie in cashmere

Nouvelle boutique à Kiev: succombez au luxe italien des tricots en cachemire

Malo chooses Kiev, the heart of Slavic society, to tell its love for weaving, workmanship and Made in Italy.


A welcoming destination rich in history, where art and culture come together; the splendour of the ancient architecture that pervades the entire city gifts wonderful visual memories and suggestions. The tastes and flavours of traditional cuisine make even those who come from far away feel at home.

Kiev is a city that still knows how to combine past and present; just like Malo, where history and tradition are translated into a contemporary mood.

We chose Kiev to open our new boutique because it fascinated us with its secrets. Also our artisans have many secrets and they guard them with care, but we can reveal the secrets of Kiev to you.

This city is one of the greenest metropolises in Europe with its 127 parks. A true green lung where you can breathe in nature and slowness. The same slowness that is so dear to us, a precious friend that allows us to live with lightness.

The city is a modern open-air art museum. Today there are 171 murals in the capital, created by important artists from all over the world. Our Made in Italy art could not therefore be absent.

Kiev is discovered through tiny details, just like our garmets. There are small bronze statuettes around the city, through which stories and curiosities about the capital are told.

Malo's presence in Ukraine is very prestigious and it is an honour to be able to introduce the soft and delicate luxury of our all-Italian art.

Malo Boutique Kiev, Basseynay 6 "MANDARIN"




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