Abbigliamento sostenibile e Made in Italy: la filosofia di Malo

Des vêtements durables made in Italie: la philosophie de Malo

Malo reopens its boutiques in Italy and abroad, welcoming customers in total safety to give the opportunity to live the sensory experience in absolute serenity. And it does so in the name of some important values: ecological sustainability, regeneration and sanitisation of its leaders. A customer care that goes from the highest quality and care of the garments, through certification tools and dedicated services.


Ecological sustainability:

One of the fundamental values of Malo is ecological sustainability, in fact all washing products and textile auxiliaries used in production have always been all approved and certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS is the most important international standard for the sustainable and ecological use of textile products and is promoted in order to ensure responsible development in the textile sector. This organisation shall ensure that chemicals used in the processing of the textile industry comply with the requirements, by appropriate assessment, based primarily on the verification of toxicological characteristics and eco-toxicology.



Each Malo garment is made to last over time, leaving the Florentine laboratories virtually perfect in every detail, then it will be the story of those who chose to make it unique. A sweater with a perfect fit, a warm and enveloping scarf, something given away, handed down, several times worn, each has a special garment able to bring to mind memories, to awaken emotionsThis is why Malo offers the MALO FOREVER service, that is the possibility to give a new life to the garments we love. A real service of repair and artisan regeneration that takes place in the laboratories of Malo where each garment is examined carefully, repaired where necessary, washed with care thanks to the use of delicate soaps that make the fibers even softer to the touch. Then move to the shaving, essential to eliminate any "pellets" due to use over the years, in this stage the garment is gently combed by hand in all its parts. Among the skilled hands of the artisans of Malo, who take care of all the details, each head takes body and shine, refurbished for a new life.



Malo has always been attentive to the quality but above all to the well-being of customers, for this all garments that are carefully regenerated thanks to the MALO FOREVER service, are then carefully sanitized using all products approved by GOTS standards.

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