A la marinière

A la marinière

The symbol of freedom during the French Revolution, the emblem of the Dolce Vita, the must-have for Audrey Hepurn, Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau: the striped pattern has always represented timeless elegance, which knows no limits of gender or age. An always valid trick to give every look a sophisticated allure without too much effort or ostentation, which can be reinterpreted in various color combinations.

Malo offers it in the most classic and versatile chromatic match: white and blue alternate on sweaters created with the softest and most precious kaschmir, made on historical looms and manufactured by skilled knitters who, every day, devote time and attention to take care of each smallest detail.

Turtleneck sweaters, crewnecks that make stripes their only statement and an exclusive model embellished with the logo of the maison: each garment is made to be worn in the most different ways - under a blue or white coat for a subtly elegant outfit, with a pair of jeans for a more casual style.


A fantasy that really enhances everyone, since thanks to the medium color contrast, both those who have lighter and more homogeneous colors stand out, such as people with uniformly light or dark skin, eyes and hair, and those characterized by light skin and eyes and very dark hair, which therefore results, overall, in high contrast. In addition, the choice of colors makes every type of skin luminous and relaxed.

Often look with suspicion because they are optically dilating, stripes actually become valid allies for those who want to restore harmony between shoulders and pelvis, but also for those who want to emphasize the important shoulders: the striped shirt has always been confirmed as a must-have for people which belong to the triangle body shape, which have a tighter chest than the hips, but also for people with a narrower pelvis, which fall into the inverse triangle body shape. On the other hand, those who have a balanced figure between the upper and lower part will not be particularly altered by this pattern, since the soft lines of the garments will delicately emphasize this harmony of proportions.

And a simple pattern becomes the essential tool to enhance one's characteristics with simplicity and elegance.

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