"Open Secrets" di Rachel Lee Hovnanian: Arte, natura e riflessione

"Open Secrets" von Rachel Lee Hovnanian: Kunst, Natur und Reflexion

Malo and the Boutique of Forte dei Marmi, in support of “Open Secrets”, the first solo exhibition in Italy by the artist Rachel Lee Hovnanian.


The exhibition, inaugurated on Saturday 20th July in the Medici Palace, UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Seravezza in Versilia (Tuscany) spans ten years of work from the New York-based contemporary artist and includes 14 works that combine paintings, sculptures, interactive installations, works on paper, and video art.


With Open Secrets, Hovnanian posits a humanist approach that emphasizes human autonomy within our digital age of addiction to perfection.


The exhibition navigates the post-internet world through surreal environments that challenge viewers to examine and reevaluate their own cultural values and relationships with digital technology.


“Open Secrets” will be present in our Malo Boutique in Forte dei Marmi with NND Immersion Room, an installation presented for the first time in New York. Until mid-September the boutique garden becomes scenery of a strong and totally immersive experience.


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