HEYA Arabian Fashion Exhibition: Malo, il Made in Italy di lusso

HEYA Arabian Fashion Exhibition: Malo, Luxus Made in Italy

The 16th edition of HEYA Arabian Fashion Exhibition was recently concluded in Doha, with the presence of Malo among the Italian brands symbols of Made in Italy excellence.


Together with 250 designers coming from the Gulf countries with their proposals of abayas, jalabiyas and dresses conforming to Islam indications, they showed Italian companies whose common denominator is craftsmanship.


The sheikh Mozah of Nasser Al Thani, style icon worldwide, has been extolling Italian fashion for years and adopts herself for female entrepreneurship in her country.


The women of Qatar have always loved everything about Made in Italy and craftsmanship.

For this reason and also for the great success obtained during the previous edition of this event lot of international designers and brands participated, including Malo, to present accessories and dresses to a female audience in search of that luxury synonymous of quality and originality.


Qatar is one of countries mostly focused on fashion and in particular on Made in Italy. This is Malo, synonymous of quality and one of its strengths is craftsmanship. Constantly Malo is interested with passion and experience in creating a unique garment that can express the true personality of the person it wears.


Those who have chosen Malo prefer excellence, timeless style, softness but above all Made in Italy.




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