Vendemmia di Montenapoleone a Milano: Eventi e Degustazioni

Vendemmia di Montenapoleone in Milan: Events and Tastings

Malo opens the doors to the Montenapoleone Harvest. 

A beloved event that reaches its 12th edition and symbolically closes the week dedicated to wine in Milan. Throughout the week in the most chic area of Milan events were organized, guided tours in museums, exclusive tastings or sensory combinations, tasting in the boutiques of the district, dedicated menus by gourmet restaurants, immersive journeys through beauty, elegance and taste to stimulate the five senses of the participants. 

An evening in collaboration with Tenuta Cova Grasselli born from the enthusiasm and the strong desire to offer wines of excellent quality and above all unique, thanks to the care with which the grape is cultivated and to the energy where it derives its origin. This estate, a true wine boutique, is an organic farm where grapes are harvested by hand to give life to a dedicated production. And Malo, which has always been synonymous of excellence, handmade and Made in Italy, could only choose the wines of Tenuta Cova Grasselli. A soirée in the name of tradition and made in Italy to savour the true flavours and values of the past.

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