Light Cashmere

Essential items in every daily look,
from early autumn days to cool summer evenings.

A must-have to collect in the most delicate shades
and to be superimposed to create delicate but decisive look;
a layering that does not give up comfort.

We call these capiseasonlessbecause they keep us fresh when it’s hot outside
and warm when temperatures decrease.

Warm in winter, cool in summer.

Cashmere is a noble fibre that acts as a thermal insulator, naturally capable of thermo-regulating the body with respect to the external climate, protecting it from both high and low temperatures. Being a natural yarn, it allows the skin to breathe and keep cool.

How fine is light cashmere?

Light cashmere is worked on 33 gauge looms. The term gauge refers to the number of stitches per inch. The higher the gauge number, the finer the sweater.

Therefore, the 33 gauge loom creates an extremely light workmanship for a high-value result, achieved thanks to the half a century of experience of our craftsmen. The yarn used is an extra-fine 2/48000 cashmere. The name 2/48000 derives from the construction of the thread: to make 1 kg of 2/48000 cashmere yarn you need 2 threads 48000 mt (48km) long twisted together. This gives the measure of how thin the yarn used is, i.e., 96km of yarn per 1kg of cashmere.

telai storici malo cashmere

Light Cashmere

The softest lightness, a charm to wear in any season.

Cashmere-silk, a precious yarn

Cashmere-silk is a blend with exceptional characteristics, ideal for the summer. When silk, the most precious fibre in nature, meets cashmere, the best of fine wools, a refined yarn of unique and inimitable quality is born. The result: an unparalleled feeling of softness and comfort.