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Our collections boast many colors for each season. And so, many yarns are not fully used and remain "dormant" in our warehouses. This is an unacceptable waste, considering also the very high quality of them.

Malo Re-Cashmere represents an ancient tradition, that of Tuscan rags that recovered textile residues to make new garments. And so, the dormant yarns are mixed and re-woven obtaining a unique color for each new mix. A precious softness that embraces sustainability.

A precious softness that embraces sustainability.

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The cenciaiolo represents the history of Prato, linked to the economic revival of the local system. Making the rag is a tiring job, sitting all day in uncomfortable positions (it was said "to put on the pillow") but that even today, for the few remaining, is of great satisfaction also for the reuse of what would be thrown. An act of love for the planet and an activity of great value.

Unique. Precious. Made in Malo.

Malo Re-Cashmere was born from the recovery of our yarns production residues before be used again.

They are therefore virgin yarns of the highest quality that are regenerated for new using.

This method allows us to give value to all our precious yarn, that our artisans work and treat with passion, care and attention.

Zero Waste

We work daily to improve our production processes. We use all the residual yarns until the end of the rock, creating new products with a view to reducing waste and waste.


Re-Cashmere is born from the spinning of residual yarns of pre-consumer production. Not entirely used Cashmere yarns are reworked after being divided by color. The result is a very soft yarn that will have unique nuances, because unique will always be the choice of colors that will compose the mix.