Sustainable Cotton - MALO

The Sustainable Cotton

We give new life to precious fibers in an endless virtuous circle. The processing follows the principles of the circular economy, born and developed in Prato for about 100 years.

Love for Cotton, Love for the Planet

Masterpieces of craftsmanship, containers of memories in sustainable cotton. We have chosen to support COTTONFORLIFE: an innovative Corporate Social Responsibility project, ethical, supportive and sustainable. The goal is to leave the new generations a more responsible fashion, contributing actively to its achievement.

Organic cotton thus becomes an exclusive and precious raw material, both for its aesthetic and functional effects at the highest level, and for the economic growth of individuals and families. And from raw material becomes an element of cohesion among the employees in the supply chain. A tool of knowledge between the Egyptian peasants and the Italian workers who, although geographically distant, are united in entrusting the future and the welfare of their families to cotton.

In the process of industrial transformation, research for the reduction and replacement of chemicals harmful to the environment and people is promoted in line with Greenpeace’s DETOX campaign. From unisex knit, to timeless braids, through the enchanting textures inspired by Masai mats. Little masterpieces of couture yarn to wear and pass on.