Ambiance Perfume

Top notes: Mint, Star Anise, Cedar, Lemon.

Heart Notes: Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, Black Pepper. 

Base notes: Golden Amber, Precious Resins, Mosco.

MALO 1972

Scented Memories

Malo 1972 is an original and exclusive perfume composition created by an Italian Master Perfumer. A sensory journey that unites East and West, through essences from distant lands. Formulated with a careful selection of the best qualities of natural essential oils and aromatic raw materials to create a rich and suggestive agreement with bright accents of Italian citrus and Mediterranean herbs on a suggestive and enveloping background of precious woods, Spices, Oriental Resins and soft shades of Amber and Vanilla.

Mediterranean herbs

Portofino, the home of my grandparents. Suddenly the scent of Mediterranean herbs that they cared with love in their garden.

Romantic citrus fruits

At Amalfi, a silk foulard on the head, a basket of citrus fruits in her arms. She approaches, handing me a fruit. I am intoxicated, a little by the pungent aroma of lemon, a little by her dark eyes.

Mystical pepper

On the banks of the Ganges,
the pepper tree fills the air with intense notes.
The shaman picks up her grains and hands them to me.
An amulet to ward off any sad thoughts.

Eastern spices

Mongolia, goat farms and a typical drink: an intense scent of spices in my nostrils, the dark eyes of my wife and our honeymoon.

"I open my eyes, I am at home. Intoxicated by fragrances and reminiscences. The scent that contains my most beautiful moments is on the desk, ready to surprise me with new memories."