Malo Forever

The Malo Forever service is a service dedicated to care and reconditioning
of Malo garments, designed to stand the test of time and become a family heritage.
Each garment is treated individually, with procedures ranging from washing
with professional anti-peeling care treatments to preserve the cashmere yarn.
The service also includes repairs for any holes or stretch marks.
Simply bring your items directly to the Malo Boutique or contact
Customer Care to get personalized advice and assistance,
thus keeping the Malo garments in optimal conditions over time.

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Created to resist time, to overcome the fashions of the moment and become containers of memories, Malo garments do not disappoint expectations. Handed down from generation to generation, it will be the father’s pull to be worn by the daughter on trendy jeans. But even the most resilent things need care and attention. This is how the Malo Forever Service was born, to restore prestige to the Malo sweaters.


Every sweater or garment undergoes wear due to use but also to the natural wear of time. There is nothing that remains intact over the years, as for clothing that due to washing, weather, sunlight, tend to alter and age. The colors fade, and the fibers stiffen, or stretch, causing that unpleasant Sloppy effect. But if the garments are of excellent quality, this process will happen very late.


Each sweater has its own treatment, because each sweater has its own story. Worn a few times and with great care, or on any special occasion, or almost every day as a faithful companion of life, our sweater will have to be treated with special attention. The Service Malo Forever includes a wash with the best professional care treatment, an anti-peeling that naturally cashmere yarn tends to do, until major repairs, to remedy holes or stretch marks. As alchemists will be dosed our secrets, to return the sweater to its owner, erasing at best, the signs of time.

Nothing is forever, so I want you to be my nothing.

Frida Khalo

Love and Care

Take care of your affections and things, respect and attention to preserve them over time and pass them on as small containers of memories that speak of us. A way of life, Malo.