Le Club Malo

Saline notes and holiday horizons are the key ingredients for the inspiration of the PE24 collection.


Sustainability becomes a central theme for the PE24 collection.
Organic cotton is certified GOTS
(Global Organic Textile Standard).
The Global Organic Textile Standard is promoted by the leading international organizations in organic farming , in order to ensure responsible and sustainable development in the textile industry.
Cotton and cashmere are also certified by ICEA, the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, one of the most important Institute in the sector in Italy and Europe.

Light and elegant cashmere

Sweaters usually very heavy and in a few standard colors give way to cashmere spun in a light fineness, offered in many fashionable colors, with an all Italian style.

The importance of color

The color blue is a creative pattern that tells the story of the collection, which plays with colors and nuances that remainds to the sea waves and horizons that merge into the clearest skies.

Finally, Malo pays attention not only to the yarns used but also to the dyes employed:
GOTS-certified dyes that include substances with low environmental impact and less harmful to skin and health; dyes with plant extracts, particularly for light blues,
gray-violet, pinkish beige, turmeric yellow and pink.


Images that evoke refinement and the idea of exclusivity.

Magical places where the evening breeze refreshes the tanned skin of the ladies and requires a light stole and at the same time warm for shelter. As if we were in portofino, where Malo was born in the 1970s, from an intuition: to make warm but light garments, suitable for cool summer breezes.

Malo, from the Latin 'ego malo',
means 'I prefer'.
A name that appeals to those who perceive the difference between a good cashmere and a cashmere of sublime Italian workmanship and prefer Malo.

Malo Marketing & Communication Manager