Evento esclusivo Malo e Riva1920

Malo Milan Boutique Event

We are back on track with a special event in Milan Boutique, decorated for the occasion during Salone del Mobile, it smells of cedar and old woods.


The event was born from the collaboration between Malo and Riva1920, which on a spring evening gathered the aficionados of those historical brands in an exclusive reunion between fashion and design.


Fil rouge of the occasion: timeless. We talk about antique woods, over 50,000 years old, exhibited in Boutique by Riva1920, designer of luxury accessories of fine craftsmanship. And we talk about garments with precious yarns, which exceed fashions and trends of the moment to remain adventure companions for many years.


Riva1920 has been producing furnishing accessories in re-used woods for almost a hundred years, such as the millennial Kauri of New Zealand, the Briccole of the Venetian Lagoon and the Cedar of Lebanon, to pass on and not forget that wood is a renewable but not infinite resource.


Malo has always been the guardian of the treasure of beauty and elegance, today more than ever careful in creating events and pleasant occasions for its enthusiasts.



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