Collezione Uomo AI 20/21 Malo a Pitti Uomo

The AI 20/21 Malo Men's Collection was presented at Pitti Immagine Uomo 97: elegance makes its way between "Heritage and Future"



The "heritage stitch", the Peruvian texture, the malfilé and the mélange are the protagonists. Yarns that come from the history of Malo revised in a contemporary lexicon with a look towards the future.


On the occasion of Pitti Immagine Uomo 97, Malo makes his way between "Heritage and Future". The AI20-21 men's collection contains the philosophy of the proposals for the next winter season: the rediscovery of the roots, DNA, values ​​and identity of the maison as an impetus towards modernity and the future. Tradition, research and classicism, peculiar characteristics that have made Malo loved for generations, are transformed to give life to new interpretations and  timeless garments.


The protagonists of this edition are the stylistic features typical of the maison with some distinctive elements such as the "heritage stitch", a knit stitch inspired by the typical architecture of the Florentine squares, characterized by pavements with square and regular inlays.


Malo enhances the heritage by reinterpreting it in a more contemporary and sophisticated key and it does so inspired by the Florentine memories, where Malo was born, with new important awareness.


The colors are those of nature. Autumn is reflected in the warmth of the yarns, in the soft knots that ring when recalling leaves, a lush flora characteristic of the Tuscan countryside, a symbol of prosperity and renewal.


«The rediscovery of the past to look to the future thanks to the return of historical yarns that allow us to offer timeless garments. We aim at heritage as a starting point to strengthen the future.

Heritage & Future is the theme of our collection, but it is also and above all a declaration of intent: to return to the past to bond, intertwine with the future, because there is no tomorrow without tradition. Malo garments thus become a distillate of artisan gestures, a symbol of culture and memory, precious instruments of impetus towards modernity and the future ».

Walter Maiocchi



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