Beachwear with soft luxury and timeless elegance - MALO
Beachwear dal lusso soffuso ed eleganza senza tempo

Beachwear with soft luxury and timeless elegance

Cult object and symbol of femininity, an "explosive" garment that has completely revolutionized beach clothing. Inspired by the models worn then on the beaches of Saint Tropez, the inventor of the bikini, Louis Reard, in 1946 designed a bold model that still remains the must-have of holidays by the sea.

Malo interprets beachwear with its stylistic code made of excellence, suffused luxury and timeless elegance. Bikinis and one-piece swimsuits embellished with a unique and refined print, specially created by a master calligrapher to pay homage to the story of Malo. Made of recycled polyester, they guarantee a high performance and a unique comfort adapting to the body of the wearer.


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