Fibre Naturali per uno Stile Elegante

Natural Fibres for an Elegant Style

In a magical symphony between artisanal craftsmanship and the purity of natural fibres, the AI23/24 collection, "Inhabiting the Body," creates an experience of deep connection with beauty, sustainability, and subtle luxury. Imagine inhabiting your body as a sacred space, shaped by the choices you make. Transforming our inner selves into a work of art through garments that not only adorn but tell stories of commitment to ethics and sustainability.

Regenerated Cashmere: Colors that Tell Stories of Rebirth
The delicate threads of regenerated cashmere paint a palette of emotions, from olive green to ash grey, from white to noisette dancing with blue. This is not just cashmere but a story of regeneration, certified by the Global Recycle Standard.

Organic Wool, Merino, and Alpaca: A Harmonious Dialogue with Nature
Traceable yarns intertwine with ethical commitment, without dyes or chemical treatments. Each garment is a poem of sustainability, an anthem to beauty without compromise.

Ethical Down: Lightness that Embraces the Soul
The functional elegance of ethical down goes beyond appearance. With "eco down" and recycled feathers, Malo is committed to reducing the impact on nature, transforming beauty into action.

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