Nuovo Flagship Store di Malo: Un'oasi di lusso e sostenibilità nel cuore di Milano

Malo’s new flagship store: An oasis of luxury and sustainability in the heart of Milan

Monday, February 5, 2024 marks a significant moment for lovers of fashion and sustainability in Milan. This is the day when Malo, the iconic brand specializing in cashmere and high-end natural fibers, officially inaugurated its new boutique in Via della Spiga, at number 30, in the heart of Milanese luxury shopping.

With three street windows and a space of 190 square meters on two floors, this new boutique is not only a commercial space, but represents a fusion of cultures, a union between East and West, in the choices of certain finishes. Malo paid great attention to the environment and forests, highlighting his commitment with reforestation projects on his online store and choosing for the Milanese flagship store a bamboo flooring and furniture.

Bamboo, in addition to being a sustainable choice, is a versatile and resistant plant of Eastern origin, whose cultivation does not require the use of fertilizers or pesticides. The decision to use bamboo reflects Malo’s commitment to environmental sustainability and focus on reducing waste.
Inside the boutique, Malo adopts a "zero waste" philosophy with the project "sleeping colors", which consists in the recovery of waste yarn to create a unique wall of colors. These yarns, such as production residues or end cone yarns, are carefully selected and used to create new garments or decorative elements, thus promoting a more sustainable and conscious fashion.

Nancy Marchini, Malo’s Marketing Director, stresses the importance of this approach: "We created a wall of colors using waste yarn, giving them a new life and paying homage to the story of Malo, renowned for his leadership in the colors of cashmere". 

The boutique offers a modern and essential space, designed to welcome customers in a refined and comfortable environment. A relaxation area invites visitors to take a break from the daily frenzy and to immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural fibers proposed by Malo.

The highly qualified staff is dedicated to offering a personalized and refined shopping experience, guiding customers in the choice of garments that best suit their style and needs.

With the opening of the new flagship store, Malo confirms its commitment to sustainability and quality, offering customers not only high-end products, but also a shopping experience that enhances beauty, craftsmanship and respect for the environment.

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