Maglieria e Opportunità: la filosofia di Malo

Knitwear and Opportunities: Malo Leads the Change

At Malo, we are committed to investing in human resources and preserving the artisanal traditions of Made in Italy.

In recent weeks, our Campi Bisenzio headquarters has been the focal point of an innovative training program in collaboration with Randstad Italia. This initiative aims to introduce unemployed individuals to the workforce, providing them with the opportunity to learn and apply Italian know-how in the field of knitwear.

Course participants had the chance to apply their skills by creating a small capsule collection. Each knitted piece became a tangible symbol of their dedication and the expertise gained during the stimulating 7-week training period.

The success of this training program was made possible through the active involvement of our skilled knitters, who have been crafting our knitwear masterpieces for years. The sharing of knowledge, hands-on experience, and mutual support contributed to fostering a positive and collaborative learning environment.

With this project, Malo aims not only to provide job opportunities but also to contribute to preserving and promoting Italian craftsmanship. We aspire to inspire other companies to follow our example and invest in people, training, and the traditions that make our country unique.

A special thanks to the women who embraced this opportunity and to our skilled knitters who generously shared their expertise. The future of Italian work and craftsmanship lies in the hands of those who dare to learn and teach.


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