Vendemmia di Montenapoleone: l'eleganza di Malo con Authentic Charme

Authentic Charme, "Vendemmia" of Via Montenapoleone in Malo Boutique Milano

The “Vendemmia” week is a must for the Boutique Malo located in Via Montenapoleone.

On October 6th, Malo opened the doors to all the friends of the brand, for an evening of beauty (the authentic one) and the senses.

The garments of the Authentic Charme winter collection have amazed guests with their elegance, mastery and with the philosophy they convey.

A collection capable of dressing every season of life. Garments suitable for different types of figures to prefer well-being to appearance. A knitwear able to adapt naturally to enhance the different identities and the authentic individual characteristics. A way of being, a lifestyle, not a simple fashion: those who choose Malo, choose a world, made of high quality, authenticity and timeless style.

The wines chosen were those of Tenuta Cova Grasselli, a true wine boutique. An organic farm where the grapes are harvested by hand to create a dedicated production and vinification takes place before 24 hours from harvest.

The project was born from the enthusiasm and the strong desire to offer wines of excellent quality and above all unique, thanks to the care with which the grapes are cultivated and the energy of the places where it takes its origin.

During the evening, Malo guests were able to taste some of the most iconic wines of the estate, surrounded by the purest fibers of our cashmere.

A soft and suspended atmosphere, a break to enjoy precious moments.

Malo Vendemmia boutique Milano
Malo Vendemmia boutique Milano
Malo Vendemmia boutique Milano
Malo Vendemmia boutique Milano
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