Some items and sizes are sold out because our commitment is a sustainable production. Produce less but better, for the planet and for the exclusivity of limited edition garments.

Made in Malo

Malo has dedicated himself to the art of fine knitwear for generations, each garment is entirely produced in Italy, in Campi Bisenzio in Tuscany and in Borgonovo Val Tidone in Emilia Romagna, lands that are the depository of a long artisan tradition in the heart of Made in Italy. The finest yarns arrive pure in the company's laboratories through a totally transparent supply chain, from green Mongolia to the icy steppes in the Andes mountains to the Italian factories, every step is subjected to continuous checks. Absolute quality is the first criterion of choice for Malo, it will be then the experience, skill and attentive eye of craftsmen dedicated to transforming precious yarns into extraordinary garments.


Each creation is marked by slow passages, it takes eight to sixteen hours to create a single garment, the work of skilled workers intertwines technology and ancient wooden frames, the only ones capable of generating braids, jacquard, Aran and inlays, soft knots made in complete harmony with the finest materials. The attention to detail aims at perfection, certain seams, certain links and processes can only be made by capable hands, every gesture is important, meticulous. The materials are processed in full respect of the natural characteristics that made them special, for this reason there is no production phase entrusted totally to a frame, it is a distinctive process that has made the brand known in the world, loved for generations . It is Made in Malo that makes each garment unique, able to give emotions, to tell stories through the memory, traditions and passion of those who created it.