Authentic Charme

Authentic Charme

When knitwear becomes an art, quality reaches new levels of value.

Three days: the time it takes on average to visit a European city, to make new friends, and to make the sweater from the Autumn / Winter 22-23 "Authentic Charme" collection.

An iconic garment that comes from pure cashmere yarns, knitted by the hands of our expert knitters. And while the feather yarn gives softness and creates gentle weaves, a touch of contemporaneity takes shape in the crater neck: an elegant meeting point between the classic crew neck and the half neck, whose shape recalls the hollow shapes present on the surface of the moon.

The upper part of the sweater is then embellished with the shrimp stitch, which takes its name from the technique of manual knitting: from left to right, instead of the other way around, as is usually done. This leads to small finishing points that create an interesting low-relief game, for a contemporary twist that gently binds to the more classic concept of elegance.

Slowness is no longer a limit to be overcome in a frenetic contemporaneity, but a precious value to be cultivated and handed down in a suffused, magical world, which constantly turns its gaze towards beauty. Controlled gestures and extended times become the essential nuances for a harmonious picture, the perfect ingredients for compositions full of love.

A small, soft masterpiece that, thanks to its neutral color and clean lines, lends itself to multiple color combinations and various style combinations.

The milky color, a neutral-warm white that binds well to most complexions, from the lightest to the darkest, can be combined with many different shades: from black for an urban look, to blue for a more classic ensemble, passing through beige, which gives a chic and sophisticated allure, and olive green, the perfect ally of casual, up to burgundy and teal, for the most extroverted personalities.

Whether under a coat or a sporty jacket, with tailored trousers or a pair of jeans, what always stands out is one thing: the hidden luxury of things made with love and, above all, time.

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