Malo Candies

Zero sugar, zero waste.


A rainbow of threads of the most precious materials, of the highest quality, which would be discarded and thrown away. But not in Malo.

Sleeping colours

Periwinkle, teal, sand, orchid, matcha: Malo has always offered garments in a wide and sophisticated variety of colours. This inevitably leads to a series of residual yarns from production, the so-called "sleeping colours" which would be discarded, fueling waste, but which in Malo acquire a new value.

Revalorizing is an art

Without exception following the zero-waste philosophy, these yarns are carefully selected by hand and revalued to give life to the Malo Candies capsule collection, made up of colorful and eco-friendly sweaters.

Every individual has the power to make the world a better place.

Sergio Bambarén


The study of colors means that Candies sweaters are proposed in surprisingly sophisticated combinations. Unique color matchings, selected according to refined color theories.

To embrace the planet with timeless style.