MALO 1972

Celebrating a story

A limited edition capsule to pay homage to a timeless story that for over 50 years,
believes in authentic things that speak of Italian craftsmanship and heritage.

Born in Portofino from an inspiration, Malo’s knitwear is appreciated all over the world.
Known by the most loyal, as "The White Knight", Malo has ridden times and fashions, to get fresh and current up to us.
To celebrate 50 years, Malo has created precious masterpieces, giving value to Made in Italy and handmade.

Author's signature

Malo signs the silk scarves by creating by hand the script that embellishes them. A graphic element created by an expert calligrapher wants to enhance the handmade works, with time and passion.

Scarves are objects that complete our look, nostalgic or trendy but useful and functional. They are in pure silk, with hand-sewn edging or fabrics on the lightest looms, the 33 gage, which only a few maisons maintain.

50 years of delicacy

In 1972, Malo was born. A brand that makes suffused luxury a statement.
Timeless elegance that goes from tradition to the boundaries of excellence. Pleasure of delicacy, softness of touch.

Infinite forms of elegance

The origins of the term foulard are somewhat controversial. Some sources thin the word foulat, which in turn derives from the verb difoular, which means "follare", that is, a working process that aims to make the fabric more compact and resistant. Other sources indicate that the term means "silk handkerchief", with ancient origins. The use of the scarf in fashion dates back to the 1930s and then spread in the 1950s thanks to precious testimonials such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  The scarf was not only used as a simple headdress or to repair the throat, but it was worn as an ornament of the neck rather than tied to the handle of a bag or as a top on a flared pants.  The scarf became an element of art that piqued the imagination of many artists who made it as a canvas. Become a must-have in the 50s, even today the scarf represents a personal choice of style that enriches an outfit by transmitting its identity.

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Precious head and heart notes


The scent of memories warms the heart. A perfume takes us back in time, the mind travels and the heart shakes. We wanted to create a perfume for your space, in which you share love and serenity. A perfume with precious head notes that warms the heart. It is an original and exclusive composition of a famous Master Perfumer formulated with a careful selection of the best qualities of natural essential oils and aromatic raw materials to create a rich and evocative agreement with bright accents of Italian Citrus and Herbs Mediterranean on an enveloping and suggestive background of precious woods, Spices, Oriental Resins and soft shades of Amber and Vanilla...

The Malo scent is a rare and precious agreement that invites you to contemplate the beautiful things of life surrounding you with olfactory memories that warm the heart.

Top notes: Mint, Star Anise, Cedar, Lemon.

Heart Notes: Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, Black Pepper.

Base notes: Golden Amber, Precious Resins, Mosco.

More than one hundred aromatic raw materials and essential oils make up more than 65% of the scent for environment. This emphasizes the therapeutic aroma aspect of the scents while maintaining the pleasantness and olfactory quality.