Malo's Bonsai


The MONSAI are the "bonsai" of Malo,
hats made with cashmere threads of fine cone,
those close to the heart of the fortress.

The name comes from the interweaving of two words:
Malo and the name of the bonsai, trees typical of the Japanese culture,
well cared for, remain small
and are by nature different from each other.

According to Japanese culture, bonsai, and more, in general, her zen gardens, are "places of the soul", or places with natural elements to care for and love.  And just as in Japanese gardens the soul takes on a fundamental meaning, for these hats too the soul is a pivotal element.

The threads close to the soul of the rock, the classic cone used in textile production, which would usually be discarded, are instead collected, processed, and upgraded with patience and care by the hands of the workers, giving rise to the "bonsai" Malo.

A distillate of meanings, values and cultures

Nancy Marchini, Marketing and Communication Manager

Malo expresses with his MONSAI its soul and essence, emphasizing his philosophy. These soft capellini are in fact born from the desire to use cashmere until the last thread of the rock, the one close to his soul, with a view to recovery and sustainability.

Upgrading is another fundamental element in the making of these soft caps. It is not about recycling or regeneration, which involves the recovery of non-virgin yarns, or yarns from old garments used to create new ones, but it is a real work of enhancement or the use of the best cashmere to the last thread.