La bellezza autentica

Authentic beauty

A real, sincere, authentic charm. Seven ordinary people, of all ages and genders, wore the garments from the Autumn / Winter 22-23 collection "Authentic Charme", which is made up of voluminous, comfortable and slippery garments, designed to dress and enhance every type of figure. Representing an ideal of beauty that sees in well-being the true achievement of perfection.

A campaign created with the aim of demonstrating that it is not necessary to be a slave to appearance by prostrating oneself to filters and aesthetic constructions, because showing ourselves as we are gives us a completely new and incomparable allure.

An invitation to avoid comparisons, look in the mirror with kindness and interpret small defects as extraordinary elements of charm and uniqueness, opening your gaze to different (and new) ideas of splendor.

The charm of each of the protagonists is enhanced by garments proposed in refined colors, with soft and clean lines, which slide gracefully on the body of the wearer: and here is that in the same image multiple forms of beauty are embodied. From the most classic virile interpretation, to the appeal of Raphaelite faces, to the charm that does not feel the passage of time; each figure is enhanced in its own peculiarities.

The sublimation of an aesthetic conception that is based on feeling, on touching, focusing on the emotions that give life to a brighter look, a more relaxed face and a charming attitude capable of capturing attention without a recognizable reason. It is the beauty that comes from within, hidden in unrepeatable details.

They can be in a sign of the time, in a rebellious curl, in a slightly wider hip. When the particularity of a figure comes into play, there are no golden rules or rigid dogmas related to proportions. What comes out is just a timeless charm, which knows no age. And that comes naturally when we feel comfortable with what we wear.

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