Vinitaly: l'arte del vino e l'eccellenza Made in Italy

Vinitaly: the art of wine and Made in Italy excellence

When touch meets taste, the Malo's sensorial world finds its maximum expression and gives life to a unique magic, which took place yesterday evening in the Verona Boutique.

On the occasion of Vinitaly, the largest event dedicated to the world of wine, the store in Corso Porta Borsari was enveloped in the aromas of the wines of Carpineto Grandi Vini di Toscana, a winery which, like Malo, is a symbol of Made in Florence excellence.

Guests of the event were able to admire and touch the garments of the Spring/Summer 2023 collection "The Art of Earth", which framed every corner with precious and natural materials, while tasting the wines offered by Carpineto. Bloggers, stylists, journalists and aficionados for whom Malo is much more than a brand, but a real lifestyle to be welcomed and followed in every detail: important personalities from the world of food, beverage and fashion and the historic clients of the Boutique made the evening even more special.

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