Three days of enchantment and tradition

Three days: the time it takes to create entirely by hand a sweater from the Autumn/Winter 22-23 "Authentic Charme" collection.

Three days in which skilled workers work the precious cashmere with the knitting needles to create a small masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship.


Traditional methods, contemporary allure

An iconic knitted garment. An ancient technique, handed down from generation to generation. The crater neck is an elegant meeting point between the classic round neck and the half neck, its shape recalling volcanic craters.

The upper part is embellished with a shrimp stitch. The stitch derives its name from the manual technique used: knitting from left to right, rather than the usual right to left. This creates a delicate play in low relief, for a contemporary twist that is associated with a more classic concept of elegance.

Poetry of slowness

Take your time, calmly and gently. In a world where everyday life is frenetic, slowness is a rare quality, essential for doing things with love and attention. Controlled gestures and lengthy times become the essential nuances for a meticulous and harmonious framework.

A minor, soft masterpiece that, thanks to its neutral colour and clean lines, lends itself to an array of combinations and to various shapes and figures. To enhance the individuality and reflect the innate charm concealed in each of us.