I Prefer Malo

Ego Malo in Latin means "I prefer". Choosing Malo means preferring the quality of the noblest materials, craftsmanship
elevated to art forms, the absolute standards of excellence,
the result of a long artisan tradition in the creation of unique garments, made to last over time.

I prefer something special

I prefer something special. For true connoisseurs of suffused luxury, where beauty is achieved with slow pace, passion and artisanal details.


Handmade knitwear is the pride of the brand. It takes from eight to sixteen hours to create a single garment, an alchemy that, through the skilful gestures of specialized craftsmen, transforms precious fibres into harmonious textures and then into fine knits and sweaters. The last step is the warm embrace of a precious garment that can inspire emotions through its perfect texture, intertwined and knotted thousands of times, until it takes on the texture of a sweater, dress or tricot bag. It's Malo's Yarn Couture, a slow and meticulous process where superior materials combine with rigorous artisanal techniques guaranteeing exceptional aesthetic results, perfection in details and absolute comfort. 

The excellence of colour

A wall of colors, those proposed in each collection to give life and shape to our energy. A harmony of colorful, brilliant or delicate notes to express each personality.

Passed down for generations

A Malo garment is created to be worn, lived and handed down for generations. Cashmere, the material of choice for the company, in its purest form is in fact one of the most resistant in nature, as soft as long-lasting, as strong as true, must be respected, cared for, appreciated for its unique qualities, for the emotions that can transmit, sensations that go straight from the skin to the heart.
From the meticulous control of raw materials by color, thickness, consistency and yield, to the more complex processes carried out by the skilled hands of dedicated workers, from the remailing to the ironing, in almost fifty years of history, from Malo the quality extends to everything.

If we really are made of the same substance as dreams ...

...only lightness we can dress. Our senses transcend the real, we want to see with closed eyes, smell the infinite, taste the sublime, touch the grace and listen to the distance. As a dream to cling to, so the cashmere of best value, consoles us and rewards, perfect relationship between beauty and function. Natural fibers and cashmere are matter that all the senses satisfy.

The hands wish to see, the eyes wish to touch.



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