Small gestures that make a difference.

We are the environment in which we live.

One seed at a time

Tree-Nation is the largest reforestation platform that allows citizens and businesses to plant trees around the world. Since 2006 they have managed to involve more than 590,000 citizens and more than 15,000 companies, planting more than 30 million trees and contributing to the fight against climate change. Through their reforestation and conservation projects, they contribute to restoring forests, creating jobs, supporting local communities, and protecting biodiversity. 

Just a tree

Trees are fundamental elements of the planet, both for the environment and for people.

In addition to purifying water and air from harmful gases, trees bring many other benefits. They support the economy of developing countries, produce food and medicines for families in some tropical and subtropical regions, and host about 80% of the total terrestrial biodiversity, from small invertebrates to large mammals.

Pollution, species extinction, climate change, desertification, deforestation, flooding, poverty, malnutrition, and even deadly viruses. For many of these problems, planting trees is a key part of the solution.

A gift for the planet

Malo has decided to contribute to the fight against climate change by offsetting the CO2 emissions produced by the shipment of the items sold.

For each order placed, Malo will offer the possibility to customers to plant a tree together with a simple click. All planted trees will be collected and monitored in The Forest of Malo.

The affected areas are Madagascar, Nepal, Senegal, Cameroon, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Indonesia.

The Forest of Malo

See the progress