Collezione Primavera Estate 20: Viaggio nei Colori

Spring Summer 20 Collection: Journey through Colours

A true Colour Experience, the one proposed by Malo for the SS20 collection.

On the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, an important event for Italian Fashion, Thursday, September 19th 2019, the Boutique in Via Monte Napoleone has dyed itself with colors, lights and vitality. The event, part of the Camera della Moda Italiana Calendar, was a real pleasant moment.

The theme of the collection is the “Journey in Colours”. The colors of summer memories, big capitals, sunsets. Colors that runs on precious threads and weaves, revealing a collection with a fluid and elegant allure that doesn’t deny Malo’s precepts: craftsmanship, invisible luxury and Made in Italy.

Exploring new horizons, new dawns and sunsets. Touching far lands, snow-covered peaks and unspoilt coasts. This is the inspiration for the new collection, based on journey theme and four different color palettes: blue, white, shades of red and green, which catch your eye towards different landscapes.

Soft shapes, precious fabrics, style details and Italian handcraft combined with colors, light and energy.


The main characters of the collection, both Womenswear and Menswear, are the precious fabric threated in a magnificent way which tell stories regarding people and fine cultures. Cashmere, Makò cotton, silk and wool have been proposed with style, elegance and the best quality.

The accessories complete the total look of the new collection: bags, bumpers, rucksacks, sandals, sneakers, slippers, belts and charms, hats in cashmere and silk/ cashmere stoles.

An authentic and unique story, dedicated to those who prefer new horizons to the usual boundaries, to those who prefer to take their time and dress items that go beyond time and its fashions.

In addition to presenting the collection, the evening was a perfect rendez-vous for the loyal customers, an opportunity feel that pleasantness typical of Malo’s life style.

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